Why Your Small Business Isn’t Attracting and Retaining Customers

Many small businesses fail because of these four common mistakes that business owners usually make.

Not implementing brand awareness campaigns

You may have the best product for your target customers, but if they are not aware that your business category exists, you won’t reach your sales goals. Your primary objective as a business owner is to educate your target market by launching education campaigns that will inform them about their problem and the solution that you are selling.

Poor customer service

If you want your business to prosper, provide a satisfactory customer service or support. Good employees could surely win new customers and retain old ones, through word-of-mouth referrals from satisfied customers.

It is advisable to train your staff not only to improve their skills, but to be empathetic, patient and reliable. Customers want adaptable customer service staff, who communicate clearly, and good work ethics. They are your front-liners, and brand representatives, so make sure that your reps have good customer service skills

Wrong product market fit

Are you selling your product to the wrong audience? If a product does not satisfy the needs and wants of your target market, then it is impossible to make a huge sale. It’s like selling baby formula to teenagers. They may watch your ads, like it on Facebook and Instagram, but they won’t buy it because they don’t need it, nor want it. So, make sure that you are offering the market a viable solution to their problem. Otherwise, you will just waste your time.

Strengthen your product market fit strategy by asking your customers to fill up a survey form so you can get a feedback on their user experience. Ask them what they want, need or look for, so you can offer suitable solutions.  Try to know what attracts them or makes them loyal to a brand.

Wrong financial solutions

You need money to start your own business-while some people can without spending a dollar, the truth is that—you cannot start any business legally without spending at least a few  dollars for your business license. If your out-of-pocket cash is not enough to keep the business rolling, and you don’t have a good credit score ort financial documents to convince the banks to lend you money, you can apply at GapCap. We offer small business loans to help you maintain your new business. You can use the money to launch strategic brand awareness campaigns and to provide trainings to your staff and to hire highly skilled employees. You can also design a market fit strategy that would lead you to the right customers so you can attract them and earn a huge profit.

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