Transparency: Wooing Your Investors with Good Management

Transparency: Wooing Your Investors with Good Management

A company’s management team continues to be the top consideration for venture capitalists. According to research, investors consider an effective management team as the top deciding factor while strong market drivers and disruptive product follow.

You cannot woo investors by simply saying you have a great management team. You need to sell your strengths effectively. How do you do that? Move away from the same standard claims like industry experience, degrees, primary skills set and degrees. Here are top tips to consider: 

  1. Culture

Investors usually like to see companies invest on a culture that can support continuous innovation and scaling up. Ideally, you can follow and adapt effective company cultures as it applies to your situation.

  1. Education

Learning and adaptive capabilities can take a company a long way. In fact, according to Wall Street Journal, Google discovered that learning ability determines on-the-job success even with rapid change. You can encourage investor confidence if you can show that your team is organised enough to stay above competition, learn and adapt from challenges and opportunities.

  1. Collaboration

Collaboration breeds innovation. Find a way to integrate collaboration into every part of your team’s workflow to demonstrate you can maximise innovation.

Other things you can also leverage on include rapid conflict resolution and futuristic vision. Conflict arises in every company more so if you put passionate individuals together to collaborate. Show investors that you have a good track record in resolving conflicts quickly. More importantly, you can also provide a systematic process in which you identify problems and solutions for further opportunities.

Getting the right investor support relies heavily on how you planned your company carefully. Success takes a lot of planning and effort. If you can show this effectively to your potential investors then chances are, you’ll succeed.

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