Startups on The Rise: Why Small Businesses Are Gaining Power

Startups on The Rise: Why Small Businesses Are Gaining Power

The biggest companies of our time seemingly follow a template: people starting out in basements and growing an idea. The success stories of Facebook, Google and Apple have encouraged more people to invest in their dreams and start a business. Is it worth risking your own startup venture? We find out.

Success stories do not revolve around geeks. Start-ups, more importantly, don’t just include Ivy League dropouts developing complicated pieces of software for the world to use. Launching a business takes many forms.

In Australia, it appears that inspiration has been driving many people to achieve their dreams. According to reports, motivation and inspiration continue to drive Australian entrepreneurs to pursue their startup ambitions.

The latest data from Startup Muster revealed insights on the Australian startup ecosystem. The “largest survey of the Australian startup ecosystem,” according to Forbes, crowdsourced information from “people engaged in startups, people considering launching startups and businesses that provide support to startups” tackling a range of concerns relevant to the ecosystem as a whole.

The results revealed that sources of inspiration for people in start-ups included “being in direct contact with a startup, reading about a startup online or reading a related book.” More importantly, Australia has become warmer to start-ups. Corporations have started taking notice, the media has started covering them and even the government has started pledging to accelerate the growth of these companies. These all point to an important fact: it’s high time for small businesses now in Australia. The environment is conducive enough for people to realise their dreams. So, what’s stopping you?

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