Startup? Here Are Your Financing Options

Startup? Here Are Your Financing Options

All businesses start with an idea but not everything takes off the ground mostly because of capital. New businesses usually struggle to get bank loans. When funding becomes tough to secure, ideas die down in the process. It doesn’t have to be a sad story all the time.

If you want to start a business or is currently looking for capital options, here are your options:

Online Lending
One of the most popular alternatives to traditional business loans is online lending. Application is fast. You’ll find out the result in just a few days so long as you complete the requirements. However, not all online lenders are great options. You still need to vet your loan provider.

Angel Investors
Many big businesses like Google and Costco blossomed thanks to angel investors. These investors often invest in early state or start-up companies for a percentage of a return. To add more value, look for an angel investor that has strategic experience. You’ll get tactical benefit and understand what more you can do to your business.

Venture Capitalists
If you plan and pitch your business well, venture capitalists can be your ticket to success. Venture capitalists invest money to help build startups if they see that the business offers high growth despite their high-risk potential. In fact, fast-growth companies that can think of an exit strategy have higher chances of getting millions of funding. Plus, venture capitalists can be industry-specific. They can offer you more insights on whether your products or services will thrive. The only downside side that they expect investment return within a three to five-year window.

If you’re looking for a business loan or funding option for your business, you can discuss your situation with Gapcap. We offer assistance to small businesses for investment opportunities.

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