Grow Small Business Brand Without Breaking the Bank

Grow Small Business Brand Without Breaking the Bank

Many small businesses think they have to splurge a lot to get their marketing ball rolling. That’s not the absolute case. There are feasible and easy ways to promote your small business brand without breaking the buck.

1. Discount cards

No matter the type of business you have, discount cards can amp up your branding. Pass-along cards work well because you reinforce your brand positively while encouraging people to patronise whatever you offer.

2. Referral rewards

It works similarly with discount cards but you’re investing more on word-of-mouth advertising. There is power in recommendation. People are most likely inclined to check out a business or product if someone they know recommends it. Encourage your customers and potential customers to do the same for your business by initiating a reward system.

3. Posters, flyers and ads

Small businesses often cater to their locality so the neighborhood needs to know about you. Invest on posters, flyers and ads. On top of your online marketing efforts, these traditional approaches to marketing can increase awareness for your brand.

However, do not discount the importance of internet marketing. Big and small businesses can be found online and so should you.

Most branding strategies revolve around creating awareness and interest for your business. Your venture won’t thrive unless people know what you can do for them – how valuable you can be for them. On top of these branding efforts, Gapcap is also helping small business get their ventures off the ground. We provide financing support that can turn your ideas into reality.

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